The Challenge

I have been in business since 1986. So, I have had my share of problems. I have been ripped off a few times.

Back in 2008, I mistakenly hired a company called to help me get onto the GSA Schedule. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it is the system that enables business to sell products and services to the US Government. Well, the entire story is in here on this website. Michael Price of stole $9,000 from my company and he has done it to probably dozens of companies across the US. He is a business con artist and he knows how to steal and how to get away with it.Click Here

I could not get the police, the government or my bank to help me get my money back. So, I decided to post my story on a website on the Internet. My story began to appear on the first page of Google and he started having potential clients asking about me. He tried to tell everyone that I am some crazy guy. But 6 of them have contacted me because they got ripped off by Michael Price. And two people thanked me for helping them avoid I imagine that many others decided to not do business with Michael Price. Now, he is struggling and the police are working on arresting him.

I also had a big battle over an unpaid bill with a client. They owed me $7,240. The bill was not in dispute. They had the money but they just weren’t paying. I created a website that was and I posted the details. They agreed to pay me in less than 24 hours after the site went up.

If you have a business problem and you want help exposing and publicizing the issue, please contact us. We will design a site for you. We will buy the domain, host it, design and optimize it. We will do our best to make it show up in Google when someone looks for your adversary.